T.A.C. Training Revealed!

Written By: Jim russell - Sep• 24•15

Tactical Advantage Canine training continues right here.

Back in Dec 2013, i eluded to T.A.C training and the possibility of giving you some of that advanced dog training for free right here on this site.

Well it is time i delivered, (more…)

Get Down With Your Bad Self / M-7

Written By: Jim russell - Aug• 31•15


What Walt Disney Can Teach You About Dog Training?

Written By: Jim russell - Mar• 30•15

Welcome to the big wide world of Dog Training! You have seen all the sites that offer their idea on how you should be training your dog. I like to give the readers of TACTICAL DOG MAGAZINE freedom of choice in what training techniques they want to work with, and enlighten our readers in unique ways to train themselves as well as train there dog.

This article is about (more…)

JUST DANCE – A Dog Training Tip That’s Fun and Functional.

Written By: Jim russell - Jan• 24•15

One of the easy DOG TRAINING TIPS that Dog Trainer Jaylynn Copley likes to start her new students with is a basic DOG TRAINING TACTIC that will stop the DOG from pulling you around on the leash.

Jaylynn is my go to trainer when teaching my students the POSITIVE DOG TRAINING approach.

Here she will give you her #1 training tip for free, and it is not often i can get a pro trainer to give away their best training tactics, so (more…)

Dog Training on a Budget : 10 Tips for surviving the recession

Written By: Jim russell - Jan• 17•15

Want to have a TACTICAL DOG and think it may be impossible on your current budget?

Let TACTICAL DOG TRAINING expose a little secret that will get you on the path to superior dog training.

These 10 tips will open your mind and allow you to see that (more…)


Written By: Jim russell - Sep• 27•14

I have such great memories of all the military dog handlers i had the honor to work with over the years and as i talk to many in the Military Dog Training industry, i find many talented female handlers are not given the notice that is due them.

Maybe the female handler population is (more…)


Written By: Jim russell - Sep• 04•14

 Everyday threats continue to redefine themselves and so must our weapons to combat them. The TACTICAL DOG is such a weapon. Most dog owners interested in protection focus on creating an ATTACK DOG instead of training a SECURITY DOG.

The difference between the attack trained dog and the security dog is (more…)

What to do when your angry

Written By: Jim russell - Aug• 08•14

Tactical dog training magazine continues to change the face of everyday dog training sessions with advanced military and law enforcement techniques and information that is not offered to the general public. This post is an example of information that is not covered by other dog training sites and i concider this information vital to you becoming a master dog trainer. (more…)

My Dog’s Badder Than Your Dog!

Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 05•14

When we talk about TACTICAL DOG TRAINING there is no better example than the MILITARY WORKING DOG. And when we talk about the MILITARY DOG, we must talk about the TACTICAL EXPLOSIVE DETECTION DOG  (more…)


Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 03•14

As i sit here thinking about what kind of educational article i can share with you, i was made aware of an incident that i have to inform you about and also give you a possible solution to help protect your dog from being killed. This is not about what your dog might eat, or how your dog could run into traffic if not obedience trained. This is about how your dog might very well be shot and killed by your local police (more…)