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Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 25•13

Tactical training is about using military, law enforcement or any specialized training techniques from around the world on your own personal dog to make the animal more valuable to you and your family, after all who wouldn’t want a military police dog of their very own? I will use my own experience in dog training to help you understand the process used in creating a¬†working dog. My hope is that trainers and dog handlers from all over the planet will post their experiences and we can all get a glimpse into the world of unique k9 training. I will basically be printing most of the AFM 125-5 that teaches military dog training methods. I will be adding my own insight as a handler and talk openly about using this training on the job in protecting the bases and its personnel. I hope you bear with me as i create a very unique online dog magazine/blog.

You may use the category list on the right side of page to gather any specific information you desire all in one place instead of cycling through the blog searching for each piece of it. An example would be clicking on the “¬† military dog training” category and you would get all sections of this course lined up together starting at bottom and working your way up. As i create more training categories i will list them there. Also check top of site for tabs leading to special areas.

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