Dog training can be fun

Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 07•13

I have learned over the years that if you don’t make it enjoyable, then you will probably not stick with it. This is true with a lot of things, especially dog training. As i went through my career as a military working dog handler, i found that making training fun for the dog and its handler paid off with great results. When i trained the dogs using techniques like Extreme ObedienceMock Scenario Training and the Muzzle attack, we got a really great dog team for our money. I will explain all these training tactics as the magazine rolls along but it is not all about making your dog a police dog, these techniques will help anyone become a better dog owner once you discover what your dog can really do. If your looking to make your dog into your own personal bodyguard, well i got you covered there as well. I will be giving away many  little tips, tricks and secrets that i discovered and some that were taught to me by the military’s best trainers.  Many people will not agree with the way dogs may be portrayed in some cases, but the world uses them in lots of ways most people do not know about and i would like everyone to have this knowledge to better understand how a dog can actually be used. My goal here is to teach you to have fun with your dog while you train, and that will make you and your dog a great team. Stay tuned as the adventure continues.


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