Dogs Bite

Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 29•13

Dog’s tear, rip, shred, gouge, puncture, and maul the human body. I personally have had a dog chew up and down my arm like a typewriter and it took him all of three seconds to do it. There is no denying the fact that dog’s bite and they are very good at it. This is why we use them in military, law enforcement, and personal protection training. There are not many people who can fight off a dog that is determined to bite them, especially a dog trained to attack humans.

At this point in the tactical training i have decided to give you a little bonus. You see i am aware of all the really good and dedicated trainers that exist out there, and occasionally i like to introduce my students to them. I am going to give you a link to the trainers at AKBAN, and they will teach you the Self Defense Bite Release. The video you are going to see there will teach you how to stop an attacking dog assault on a victim. It could be your dog attacking someone and you cannot get it to respond to you, or it could be a situation you just happen to come upon where a stray dog is attacking a child.
I want you to have this information in your memory in case you ever need it. So hit the following link and go learn the tactic.

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