Military working dogs in China

Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 21•13

China train MWDChina’s military knows the secret of creating a great fighting force, and activating roughly 10,000 highly trained working dogs is the way to do it. The world at large is quickly becoming aware of the role a dog can play in the arena known as modern warfare. China for example has trained its military to work alongside these incredible animals to keep the peace in there country and to protect its borders. These dogs are trained to perform any function the handler may require, such as patrol, scout, sentry, drug and explosives detection and any peacekeeping duties that might arise like tracking criminals. There is a military dog training center located in the city of Beijing and it also acts as a breeding facility for future military canines. Besides using the standard working breeds like the German or Belgian shepherd, china has a Kunming dog that is quickly becoming popular in the dog enthusiast community. Although china is known for eating dog meat, it is reported that the handlers there are very attached to their canine partners and the dogs are treated very well. The history of china and the working dog dates way back to dogs being used to crawl into tunnels under the palace to be used on sentry duty. One bark from the dog meant an intruder was approaching. Today china uses their tactical dogs in over 5000 army divisions and on police forces all over the country. Take note people, if you have a dog sitting there in your home you have a piece of military hardware just waiting to be activated. Get out and train that dog.

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