My Dog Chases My Goat

Written By: Jim russell - Aug• 21•13

Your dog chases your cat, or a squirrel, or other dog’s. I see this every day and usually the dog’s owner is looking for a solution to this behavior. Well, let’s take a quick look at what is taking place and what the dog owner can do about it.

It should be no secret to you that dog’s are predatory creatures. I have found that almost all dog’s contain that predatory drive, and if your talking about a working or herding breed, then the predatory behavior is absolutely necessary for its mental well-being. Dogs chase other creatures for various reasons like, it is fun, the other animal is annoying the dog, or it fulfills a primal need. Chasing does not always end in the preditor eating its prey, but it usually is never a good end result.

Never encourage your dog to chase any animal not even a bird, take my word for it. When i was a young dog handler my dog grabbed hold of a frog that was poisonous and by the time i noticed, he had a mouth full of foam and was unable to stand. Although it is unlikly you will be able to stop your dog from following its natural instincts, you can gain some control by observing these tips.

Keeping your dog on a leash and observing what it is doing, and verbally redirecting the dogs behavior when needed. Also giving your dog proper exercise will help greatly in giving the animal some “lets get wild” time. Finally here are a few signs to look for in your dog that indicate predatory behavior.

The dog is running back and forth with its nose to the ground, or running back and forth with its nose sniffing the air. Running forward and quickly stopping to listen for sounds. also look for whining and panting, drooling and barking, and when the dog stands with head raised, ears erect,and eyes wide.

Keeping the dog on leash, not allowing it to get excited in the presence of other animals and having the dog release its anxiety through play and exercise daily should get you on the right track to gaining more control of your dog. Good luck!


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