Someone left a dog out in the rain.

Written By: Jim russell - Aug• 07•13

  Oh Crap! It’s raining out and i have to cancel today’s training session with my dog. Wait a second, i remember Jim Russell teaching something called Extreme Obedience on his Tactical Dog Training site. Listen kids, rain is just another training tool you can use when working with your dog. Rain is a great distraction to use and if your dog learns to follow your commands while your both getting drenched, then you will be years ahead of everyone else who trains their dog only when the sun is shining.

Let’s look at the big picture. If weather conditions controlled our dog’s actions, then our K9 military units would be virtually useless in world wide operations. My own experience in the Filipino jungles during rainy season, proved to me that dog’s can successfully operate in almost any environment when asked to do so. As the dog’s handler, your attitude controls the dog’s compliance.

So, the lesson here is to get out of your dog training comfort zone. Take a walk in the rain with your dog and give him a few obedience commands as you go along. Do this one little training idea, and then when the sun is shining big and bright, your dog will perform like a pro.

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