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It’s a Tactical Dogs World

A major part of Tactical Dog┬áTraining is to look at your training from the dogs point of view. When you think of dog training you must take every advantage you can that will put you one step ahead of everyone else. While the neighbors are using standard dog training techniques, you will be using Tactical […]

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The Future Of Dog Training

Tactical Dog Training takes you into the future with a look at your dog training options. Everything is changing and there is nothing you can do but change right along with it. Cars are driving themselves, your neighbor works at home on his computer and makes more money than you do, and you walk around […]

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Avoidance Training M-5

Tactical dog training continues with this portion of my military K9 instruction. In avoidance training, a dog learns not to make a wrong response to avoid a vocal or physical correction. A continuous reward schedule is followed in avoidance training. That is, every time the dog makes an undesired response, it receives one correction. a. […]

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