It’s a Tactical Dogs World

Written By: Jim russell - Sep• 24•13

A major part of Tactical Dog Training is to look at your training from the dogs point of view. When you think of dog training you must take every advantage you can that will put you one step ahead of everyone else. While the neighbors are using standard dog training techniques, you will be using Tactical dog training techniques and when the crap hits the fan so to speak, your dog will be the one to count on. 

It may appear like i am blowing smoke here when i tell you my training tactics are the way you should train your dog and i think now would be a good time to give you a different perspective on your training so you can expand your dog training mind so to speak.

Let’s take a look at your home, you think it is full of your furniture and your dog thinks it is full of fun dog stuff. He will see your chairs, tables, floor lamps, and potted plants as obstacles he must dodge to get from one place to another. It is like you, living in a forest and having to move around trees and bushes to get from your entrance to your food dish. The dogs world is three feet from the ground and you need to remember that when training. What you see as a couch to watch television on the dog will see as a flat, soft area to  lay on. The dog doesn’t know what an armrest is and cannot even see that the fabric matches the decor of the room. These things do not exist in his world and he would be happy if your couch was simply a piece of plywood and a few pillows, as long as he can jump up and lay on it.

If your scent is on the couch, then it is possible when your out of the home that the dog, wanting to be near you, lays on the couch and enjoys your scent as the next best thing to being with you. Your dog lays on your clothing, bed linen, eats your socks and under garments, and thinks it’s great because it smells like you and he likes you. The whole point to this is, start thinking from the dogs point of view. Once you grasp that concept, you will be years ahead of 99 percent of the other people training their dog.

Let me quickly talk about your dogs temperament. I refer to a dogs temperament as its personality. This is to say the dogs usual pattern of behavior and individual traits. Temperament is how the dog reacts to whatever it is confronted with in its environment. This is really the basis of your dog training, observation of your dogs reaction to its current environment and changing that reaction or dogs environment to suit your needs. You will note i said your needs and not the dogs need.The dogs reaction to its environment, no matter what that reaction is, will be enough to satisfy its need. You are saying to the dog ” If you want to hang with me then this is the reaction i want from you “. Your dog must conform to your wants and you do not conform to his. That’s the rule you should live by.

You must also take note of the breed you choose to work with. A good example of this is ask some dogs to fetch a thrown ball and you get a puzzled look in return, yet throw a ball for a German Shepard and you wont have to ask twice. The American Kennel Club lists nearly one hundred fifty different breeds. So though i teach that you can use any dog you have, the dog is limited in what capacity it serves based on breed. A Saint Bernard for example is not used as an attack dog, yet its size and loud bark can turn away many an adversary based on its visual presence alone. It is like waving an empty gun at an intruder. They are not really sure the gun wont fire and ruin their day. A lot of defensive dog security is based on what someone believes the dog might do. Let’s say a large leather clad biker comes into a bar. He gets a different reaction than say a short oriental gentleman in a suit and tie. We know that both men are capable of yelling at or even striking us in a confrontation, but i bet more people would avoid upsetting the six foot tall biker than the short man. Even if told the biker was a church going pacifist and swore never to harm anyone you would say ” yeah! but i would not want to piss him off “. So give some thought to what dog breed to choose for your current needs.

Security requires an animal that visually intimidates. A tiny dog can bark to sound the alarm and scare away someone who does not want their presence noticed, but someone kicking down your front door with the intent to end your life will completely ignore the small animal. Putting a larger obstacle between you and the attacker, like an angry German Sheppard, will give you better odds to escape.

In an upcoming article i will make you a guard dog expert and get you on your way to creating your very own Tactical Trained dog.

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