Control That Dog!

Written By: Jim russell - Oct• 05•13

Anyone who has been into Dog Training for any length of time can usually spot a dog which has little or no training. Anyone that has Tactical Dog Training knowledge can also quickly spot an untrained or poorly trained dog handler. This post is inspired by the events i have witnessed this week alone, and i hope it pushes you toward becoming a Tactical Oriented Dog Trainer over a person who thinks it is acceptable to allow your dog to make the rules.

I was taking my morning exercise walk, no dog, just me alone. A women walking her dog approached me on the sidewalk and i stepped out into the road to let her and the dog have the whole sidewalk to themselves, now here is where you need to pay attention. This women stopped and cinched up tightly on the leash. The dog began barking and lunging at me. The women kept him in place with a tight leash and was saying “No, good boy” “No, good boy”. I shook my head and kept walking by, i did not even want to offer her a business card for dog training services.

Here is the quick lesson on what she did wrong. She gave the dog a signal that something was happening by pulling taunt on the leash as i approached, and the dog took that to mean his owner was concerned and he should be also. The second big mistake was her verbal direction to the dog. I make it a point to stress to all my fellow dog handlers that you give clear one word commands so the dog understands quickly what you want. As you can see in the example given here the handler gave a “NO” and then a ‘Good boy” all in the same command. The dog ignored the negative command and listened to the positive reinforcement that he was a good boy to jump at me and bark. Classic case of doing everything wrong and if the dog broke off leash and came after me i am sure she would not be able to get the dog off me as she had zero control. Do not be this kind of dog owner.

You as dog owner need to be the Alpha Dog and the animal needs to understand that your commands cannot be ignored. To gain this mastery over your canine you must teach your dog to listen to you for everything it gets in life, food, play, petting, and affection should all be controlled by you. Once the dog realizes that you control its world, the dog will respect you and its behavior will change to suit your needs.

I was made aware today of a person who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend and how she had multiple restraining orders on him and reports of his threats to kill her if she left him. It appears he just drove up to her house in the middle of the night and kicked in the front door, stabbed her to death and drove away before cops located and arrested him. I had discussed a similar attack in another post and want to make one point clear here as well. If she had a gun she may not have had the nerve to pull the trigger, especially on someone she new personally. A trained dog that would respond to the aggression when it presented itself would have given her time to call for help or escape. The trained dog is a bodyguard that will react when you cannot or will not do it for yourself. You can get a dog easier than a gun and train the animal anytime anywhere. The trained dog gives you more security options and a sense of protection unmatched by any other security system to date. I am by no means against gun ownership. Owning a Tactical Trained Dog and a gun will officially make you a bad ass. Now control that dog.SAVAGE DOG





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