Take A Bite Out Of Crime And Blind It With Bright Light!

Written By: Jim russell - Nov• 15•13

I have not had the pleasure of working with a dog in the dark of night for a long time. Last night i was hanging with the night shift of a certain east coast sheriff K9 unit and i agreed to play the decoy in a friendly game of bite the new guy. I was hiding in a field and when the dog team came up upon me i was not only in fear of getting bit by a highly trained and agitated dog, but i was completly blinded by the deputy shining his high power flashlight in my face. It was at this point i realized what it was like to be on the receiving end of this powerful one two punch.

I have often used the light in their eyes, dog barking and growling at end of leash effect on many an occasion and yet i myself have never been on the bad guys side of the encounter. My first thought was that i must get this information out to my readers so here it is.

There are many great high tech flashlights avaliable from police supply or hunting and sportsman shops. Get the most powerful one you can afford and make it part of your Tactical Dog Equipment. Try a few late night training sessions with your dog and use the light, i think you will be sold on its effectivness rather quickly.

The only tip i feel i need to add is always keep the light in the perps eyes so no matter what the dog is doing to him he will be blinded by the light. You can use this tactic even when challenging a trespasser on your property so take the light with youwhen you grab your dog and always have this one two punch when you need it.

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