Who’s Toy Is It Anyway?

Written By: Jim russell - Nov• 02•13

Have not posted to TACTICAL DOG TRAINING in a while as i have been following the World Series of Baseball. I am back now and ready to continue your education in unique and proactive DOG TRAINING. I recently spoke with a women who did not know i was a dog trainer, and in our conversation she told me that she was sad because she had to give away her beloved dog. It seems the dog she has had for many years has begun trying to bite her grandson. She has been unable to stop this behavior and every time her grandchild comes over the dog goes after him. She said she will not lock up the dog every time the child comes over and believes her only option is to give the dog to a neighbor with no children and she can visit the dog when she can. I asked the women if the dog had ever been trained and she said he had and cannot understand why the dog does what he is doing. I asked her one question that stopped her in her tracks and she was unable to answer. The question that could not be answered was ” Why did you allow the dog to attack your grandchild”?

It is a valid question and difficult to answer as the dog owner felt she had no control over the situation. This is where i stop and switch to teacher mode. Listen to what i am going to tell you and apply it to your own life and you will never be in the situation i described above. You will either accept what i am going to teach you next or ignore it and take your chances. If your the type who carries there doggie in a large purse because it is the ” in” thing to do, then you will not accept what i am going to tell you. If you enjoy this site, then i know you will make this information a part of your dog training lifestyle.

When you purchase a toy for your dog and give it to him to play with, do you consider it “HIS” toy? Let me wake you up to something. The toys in your house do not belong to your dog. He doesn’t own anything in your house and never will as long as you hold the alpha dog position in your home. You control where he sleeps, all the food, and all the toys. If your dog acts like he “owns” anything, you have given up your alpha dog status. So keep his toys put away, and bring them out only when you decide that it’s time for him to play. You as the alpha dog of the pack control the toys and you control the playtime.

You will run across dogs that are assertive and they will try to get things they want on their terms. These dogs will try to take control. You must right from the start teach the dog that to get what he wants, he must do what you want. I am not saying to punish the dog for trying things his way; just use training to get him to realize that you are not going to compromise. The training on this site will help you accomplish that. I often appear to repeat training tactics often and the truth is i try to sink into your brain the most important points that will make you a pro dog trainer. So if you think you heard it before then remember it, use it, and become a better trainer for it. This is a short simple article packed with important information and you may need to read it several times to absorb all the info in it. I cannot wait to see what kind of trainer you become if you stay with TACTICAL DOG TRAINING.

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