Tactical Advantage Canines

Written By: Jim russell - Dec• 02•13

kaiser--german-shepherd-sandy-keetonWhen i started this TACTICAL DOG TRAINING  blog i was asked by my students who attend my private instruction classes if i was teaching anything from those classes on the site. I originally was only going to teach information from my military training program here online and keeping my private instruction information for my paying clients.

Everyday in the media we are seeing tax paying citizens terrorized and attacked by persons who have little fear of the law or of any consequences for their actions. On top of all that we the people are finding it more difficult to defend ourselves with gun laws that do not apply to the criminal element and do apply to average citizen.

It is this way of the world that has compelled me to create and release to the public a very unique protection option called Tactical Advantage Canine training or TAC for short. This is a training program that will allow a person to turn an ordinary dog into a highly trained personal protection animal. It is for anyone and everyone the world over who wants and needs the peace of mind and has the ability to keep a dog in there living environment.

I designed the TAC training during the many tracking and evasion weekends i participated in when i was located in the far east, back when i had a training facility there and i was a young upstart attack dog trainer.

When properly trained, a dog can pursue a man for over eight hours and once in its sights a large German Shepard can run at 30 mph over a distance of  say 100 yards and bring down almost any man. The dog can pick up higher frequency sounds such as clothing rubbing together or the friction of gravel against footwear which cannot be heard by human ears. But it is the dogs incredible sense of smell that makes it an effective weapon, being about seven to nine hundred times more sensitive then that of a man. It can sense all the odors in an environment and is attracted to any changes in the scent pattern.

There are so many advantages to using a dog as a tactical weapon you will be kicking yourself if you do not have a dog currently in your home. but enough build up, i really just want to tell you to stay with me here on this blog and i will be giving you my complete Tactical Advantage Canine instruction and you will be one step ahead of any low life who makes the mistake of crossing your path.

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