Tactical Thinking

Written By: Jim russell - Dec• 19•13

I have been off the dog training grid recently because I was taking care of a good friend dying of cancer. He has peacefully passed on to heaven and I am getting back in the blog writing spirit. My easy lesson here is about Tactical Thinking when applied to TACTICAL DOG TRAINING.
With Christmas just around the corner and people way to busy to focus on dog training, I want you to use this simple training idea that will give you amazing leverage in your dog control.
We will apply it to the basic sit command. I believe you can name at least a few reasons for teaching a dog to sit. There are, however, many uses for this position and sit is probably the most important command in a dogs world. It is the best way to solve and prevent many behavior issues.
Here are some ways you can utilize the sit command to teach it to your dog and make him respond reliably when needed. Before entering or exiting the house have dog sit before you open the door, when dog is tugging on the leash command it to sit and the tugging stops, before you throw a ball or disc during playtime, before being put on or let off leash, every few minutes during playtime, as you walk him suddenly ask him to sit and then do this every 20 feet or so for a few minutes This is my extreme obedience principal at work, you do not need to plan a structured training session every time you want to train the dog in basic obedience. You just have to include it in his everyday activities like it’s expected of him and this way the training is downloaded into the dogs brain so much quicker with a little effort on your part, plus it is fun coming up with ways to use a command at any given moment.
Give this idea a try and see if it makes training your dog more fun for both you and your animal.

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