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So you want to join the Military?

I have spoke with several young people over the years and many have had a huge interest in dog training. Many of these dog lovers ask me how i got my start and also have a high interest in a career in dog training. I personally think there is no better way to have a […]

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Russell’s rules of dog training

There are a few important rules you should adhere to in training any dog.  I make all my new students aware that following these simple techniques will increase their trainings effectiveness. * Be consistent. When training the dog you must not allow it to get away with any bad behavior once you have given a […]

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The Military Working bucket

One of my favorite memories of beginning my dog training for the military was the first training tool i was introduced to as a new handler. I was introduced to my first training partner, the military working bucket. As an untrained future dog handler you were not allowed to just grab a dog and start training […]

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