So you want to join the Military?

Written By: Jim russell - Feb• 23•14

I have spoke with several young people over the years and many have had a huge interest in dog training. Many of these dog lovers ask me how i got my start and also have a high interest in a career in dog training. I personally think there is no better way to have a lifelong career in a dog handling job than joining the United States Military and becoming a Military Working Dog Handler.

Personally, my life might have taken a totally different path and i might not be as happy as i am today had i not had the Military lifestyle to shape my life, so that  i am better prepared for anything.

I see many of today’s youth having the same identity problems we faced and not having a positive direction offered to them. If you always wished that you had a rich uncle who could give you a great paying job and the security of a lifelong paycheck then maybe you can check with your Uncle Sam and see what he can offer you.

Look, i am not a recruiter for the military, but i am a result of the military lifestyle and i know from experience that it changed my life for the better, and if you want to have a job in dog handling that will make you proud, then this is a great opportunity you should think about.

When i started it was through the U. S. Air Force that i entered the Dog Handler program. That was the quickest way at the time as you became a Law Enforcement Specialist and then tried out for the Military Working Dog Program. Today the other military branches give options for joining there dog programs, but all training is done at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

The army had a new military occupation specialty called 31K. This made it possible for new soldiers to enlist as Military Working Dog Handlers where up until now recruits had to be selected as a dog handler. Many stories of soldiers volunteering to clean and help out around the kennels on there own time have ended with the kennel master sending them to dog school after several years of proving there dedication to the kennel.

I advise checking with several recruiters in your area and stress your interest in dog handling. See what they can offer and thing hard about which will benefit you most. If your too old to join, then i have a few job opportunities that i will present to you here on this very site, so stay tuned.

As a dog handler you will have many specialty jobs to choose from. You can be a patrol dog handler and ride around in a police vehicle and perform police type duties or you can train in drug detection or bomb detection. Having a trained dog as your partner makes you very popular and there are many perks to having a dog while on the job, too many to name here, but take my word for it.

So if you love dogs and have no direction for your future this may be your way out of a dazed and confused life and into a life of great adventure as a dog handler. Give it some thought, Dog training could be your future.





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