The Military Working bucket

Written By: Jim russell - Feb• 01•14

One of my favorite memories of beginning my dog training for the military was the first training tool i was introduced to as a new handler. I was introduced to my first training partner, the military working bucket.

As an untrained future dog handler you were not allowed to just grab a dog and start training together because many dogs had no official training yet and having you practice on them without any knowledge was a bad idea and any mistakes you made would have to be constantly corrected on the poor animal.

The solution was to use a dog substitute until the new handler had the basics down. By hooking your leash to a heavy sand filled bucket you could learn the leash jerks and could practice yelling out commands and after a few days you would have the moves down like a pro. When you finally were assigned a dog you would have some level of experience and the dog would see you as its trainer.

This process is not lost to the tactical trainer as you can now train even if you have no dog currently available to you.  Take your leash and attach it to a sand filled bucket from the hardware store or hookup to a fence or even loop around a table leg, anything that offers some resistance to a firm leash pull.

You can practice the moves until you have them hardwired in your memory and then when you get to work with an actual dog, you will have a level of experience that will make you feel like an old pro.

This sounds simple and it is. Tactical Dog Training is about getting you trained fast so your dog can be an effective tool when you need it to be. It will take work on your part and lots of it and the final payoff will be worth every second if the dog is there for you when you need it just once.

Now hook up a leash and start reading the training offered on the Tactical Dog Training Web site. Practice like you have a dog on the end of your leash and before you know it your a dog trainer.

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