The Easiest Dog Training Tip In The World.

Written By: Jim russell - Mar• 15•14

black-retriever-dog-7-1424788-mI run across many people who just do not have the time or energy to train their dog. And forget about hiring a trainer when money is tight and dogfood cost you a fortune. I have even offered my readers options so they can get some training even when a dog is not available to them (See my post “The Military Working Bucket”).

So what is this DOG TRAINING tip so simple that anyone can do it instantly with almost no effort? Well here it is, the simple secret is called “OBSERVATION”. Yes, that is all you need to do. When you take your dog out for a walk or to relieve himself all you will do is, instead of staring into space or looking in the neigbors yard, you look at your dog and see what he is doing.

Look at what your dog takes interest in. What is he smelling? Where does he look? What does he like and what does he avoid. I know you think you have your dog figured out. You know what he eats and likes for a toy and that should be fine.

Well, i bet you would be surprised to see what your dog does when you leave him alone.  When he is in your world and looking to you for food and fun, it’s a big difference when he is in his element of the outdoors and there are limitless things to investigate. I am not asking you to keep him tight on leash so you can keep an eye on him. I am saying to let him run to end of the leash and have free reign of wherever you happen to be.

You just keep your attention on the dog. Watch his movements and reactions to whatever is happening around you both. You should narrate his actions in your head as if he were actually speaking and explaining his actions. This little game will allow you to understand your dog’s world faster than any book on Animal Psycology.

I know it sounds like i am telling you not to train your dog and just let him roam around freely on the leash and if i were there with you now you might say “Jim, is this some Bruce Lee type of training without training technique?” and i would tell you that your not far off the truth with that statement. The Observation technique is actually a part of my TACTICAL THINKING system which actually trains you, the dog owner or handler.

You will get some of this TACTICAL THINKING along with my TACTICAL DOG TRAINING whenever you visit my site and both of these technologies combined will make you a Tactical Handler. Your dog will be a valuable part of your family and not just a pet. I believe if you have value in your dog you will take better care of it and treat it like the most important thing you own, which it is.

So, if you have no interest in training your animal and i can at least get you interested in participating with the Observation technique, then that is a step forward for us both. And if i can get you to stop on this blog occasionally to see whats happening, you might want to try other training ideas that appeal to you and that would make both me and youe dog very happy.

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