How Tactical Dog Training Changed My Life!

Written By: Jim russell - Apr• 15•14

Here is a story that i hope will inspire you and give you something to think about. When i get asked to explain the concept of TACTICAL DOG TRAINING for everyday people, this is the perfect example i use.

A young women named Shelly who was fast becomming an avid jogger at her local park, was jogging one evening after work and was approached by a man who ran out of a wooded area and tried to pull her into the bushes. She was able to pull free and sprint away with nothing more then a torn jacket sleeve. Shelly did not immediatly report this incident to the local police because she did not feel anything really happened.

Shelly told a few friends at work about her jogging episode and found out another women was attacked in that same area weeks earlier. Shelly did report the incident to the police and although the attacker was never identified, something amazing did come of it.

It came to Shelly’s attention that many women face assault or an outright attack when they find themselves most venerable, when alone or in thought and not paying attention to their surroundings. Shelly was a business minded person and decided to do something about it.

A few calls and a visit with a dog trainer friend put her right where she wanted to be. Shelly had learned that alot of women fear being abducted and savagely attacked. Shelly came up with an idea that would turn man’s best friend into a mugger’s worst enemy – she trained guard dogs to run with joggers!

For a small monthly fee, her non-profit program called Project Safe Run, provides a trained canine companion to anyone who wants the security – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The program became a runaway success for Shelly and in thousands of runs, there has not been one attempted attack or any accidental dog bites. So far it has been a huge success as many women are afraid to jog alone, and it is difficult to arrange time to jog with friends on a regular basis.

Shelly started her protection dog idea by simply going to her local dog shelter and finding a big athletic type animal. She was able to adopt a Doberman and trained him to run with her. She felt very safe running with her dog and soon other women were asking to borrow the dog. Shelly contacted a dog trainer friend and more dog’s were aquired and trained to be running companions for anyone looking to have the added security added to their daily run.

There were over 33 active dogs working for Project Safe Run, and many of the dogs were donated to the organization by others looking to create a safe environment in their community.

Each of the donated dogs go through a rigorous eight-week defensive training program and are taught to never initiate an attack against anyone – only to protect the runner from being assaulted. The dogs are trained to first scare away the potential attacker by growling and barking, then the dog will fight the attacker if the attack goes to that point.

The highly trained dogs are cared for by pros at a licensed kennel managed by Project Safe Run. They are getting the best treatment and are constantly monitored for health. The dogs stay sharp by getting refresher courses and simulated attacks to keep them ready at all times.

The program has grown to cover many other states in the country and has become a passion and full time job for Shelly.

A runner can pick up a dog at a chapter house or the dog can be delivered to them directly to a location of their choice. Shelly is a person who took a bad situation and made a big change in her life and the lives of so many others. She is one of many stories that i have and that have helped me to forge the TACTICAL DOG TRAINING idea into reality.

Let’s all think about how we can make our lives and our community safe from the low life scum that prey on the weak. You may never need to use a dog against another human being, but it will be a god send if the day comes that you need to have 90 pounds of teeth and muscle standing between you and a violent attacker. This is your wake-up call. Get the Tactical Thinking Mindset  and start learning how to create your own TACTICAL DOG by taking the first step and become a regular reader of my blog. Together we can make a difference.


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