Military Working Dog Graveyard in the Phillipines

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 14•14


Clark Air Force Base Phillipines

Clark Air Force Base Phillipines

I came across this recently and thought i should include it here. With all the talk of honoring the canine soldiers of the U. S. Military, it is a shame this graveyard for MILITARY WORKING DOGS got neglected. I only wish i could go there to clean it up myself, but alas it is not currently possible.

I am also aware that many who comment on it say that the dogs who lay there were put down due to old age and not retired as dogs of today. That might be true and i cannot say for sure as when i served at Clark Air force Base in the Phillipines, the gravesite did not exist. I am told it is located across the street from where the actual kennel area was located.

Anyone who is able to actually visit this site should know a few things that might make your visit more worthwhile.

I was a Military Working Dog Handler at Clark Air Base in the early 80′s, it was my first assignment in the Air Force and i was only 19 years old at the time. I loved the Phillipines and loved my job there as a K9 handler.

At the time i was there, the kennel housed 120 active duty dogs. It was considered at that time the largest Military Working Dog base in the U. S. Military, and i want you to know from my personal experience that the dogs assigned there were the happiest dogs in the world. These dogs loved to go out on post to work and the young handlers who were lucky enough to work them loved these dogs more than you can imagine.

I remember fondly the handlers i worked with, both male and female. I remember there love for their dogs and all the fun we had during training sessions and the after work parties. We were the trail blazers for todays breed of handler and i have nothing but respect for the Military Working Dog Handlers of yesterday and today.

So if you get to visit this Military dog gravesite and look across to where the kennel was located, think of the hundreds of dogs and handlers who met there daily to go out and make the base safe for the thousands of men and women who worked there.

Look around in every direction and everywhere you look was once patrolled by a Military Dog Team. If you can see the theater then know that was once an area called the Elephant Cage which looked like a circular roller coaster from a distance. I personally spent many a night there with my dog, standing in the field at midnight keeping intruders who might try to sneek onto the base by this point.

Every fenceline had a dog team patrolling and every open field had a team located there as well. We had dog teams on the air strip and some standing knee deep in water as they patrolled the washouts and wet land areas.

A great K9 history was formed here and it would be a shame to be forgotten. As you visit the site please remember the dogs as happy and loved because they were. I do not believe half the animals people keep as pets today are half as happy as these dogs were.

And that is the truth behind the MILITARY WORKING DOGS of Clark Air Base Phillipines.

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  1. Mike m correa says:

    1966/ 1968, dog Arno, buried my buddy’s dog Jack, Michael Bennett

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