Train Your Dog Or It Will Train You.

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 11•14

The clock is ticking and your in a race with your dog. It’s not a race to see who is faster, but a race to see who is in control. You and your dog are both positioning yourselves as the superior leader of the household. Your dog wants to train you more than you want to train it, and i promise you that the longer you wait to train your dog, the faster your dog will get you under its control and that is not a place you want to be. The dog cannot control the household if you ever want a happy owner/dog relationship.

Your dog would love to poop in the house, eat everything it can see, chew on your stuff all day and sleep on that big soft couch all afternoon. Playtime would include ripping up that couch and ripping down the curtains. This sounds like fun to the dog and the only thing that is standing in the dogs way is you.

You do not want the dog to do these things, you want a dog that sits, stays, lays down and will come to you all on command. You want a dog that will respect your home and that will protect it when needed from those who wish to do you harm. The only thing standing in your way to all this happening is your dog.

Dogs do not want to be obedient and please you when they don’t concider you the master. They want to run wild and be an animal and challenge your authority.  Unfortunatly for the dog, if they are to live in your world and in your house and be a part of your life, then as the superior life form it is you who must be in charge of the dog. If you believe the dog should be an equal, then you need more human love and companionship in your life. Do not expect the dog to fill the void of love in your life.

This is not a sermon on your relationships in life, it is a warning that you might be making a mistake with any future plans in actually training your dog properly and with minimal effort. It will be much harder to un-train your dog then it will be to just train the dog right from the start. Do not consider the dog an equal, a roomate or your child. As much as you love your dog, it is not fair to the animal that it has to take on a human role and not be able to enjoy its status as a working animal, which is what will make the dog truly happy. A dog wants to be needed and giving it a role in your life, even as simple as basic obedience, will give the dog that working status. Working dog is a happy dog.

Every moment you spend with your dog is training. You are training her or she is training you. You will not know it because it will be happening so quickly, and what looks like play and just doing dog stuff is really the dog seeing what it can get away with in your presence. The fact is whenever you within sight of the dog, both of you are training the other. Remember that lack of training on your part is teaching the dog that you approve of what it is doing. As the Military Dog Training Program teaches us, the training never stops.

Other factors will always come into play when you think of actually training your dog and i give a great training aid in another article titled “The Easiest Dog Training Tip In The world” if you would like to use the search function to locate that important bit of information. It can also be found by you simply clicking on the Dog School category on the right side of the page.

My goal here is to motivate you to try your hand at dog training. I like to throw a little motivation talk now and then to give you food for thought. To have a TACTICAL DOG you need  TACTICAL TRAINING from a motivated and informed trainer. You can be that trainer and create your very own TACTICAL DOG. The only question that can be asked of you is “Who is going to win the race?”

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