Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 03•14

As i sit here thinking about what kind of educational article i can share with you, i was made aware of an incident that i have to inform you about and also give you a possible solution to help protect your dog from being killed. This is not about what your dog might eat, or how your dog could run into traffic if not obedience trained. This is about how your dog might very well be shot and killed by your local police right in your own yard, even on a fenced in property where the dog is protecting your family and your property. Tactical dog magazine supports all law enforcement agencies and their use of tactical dogs and that is why it is so painful to here that a police officer felt it was the right decision to shoot a dog on its own property.

The events leading up to the dogs death do not excuse the police officer or the department. It appears that a small child was reported lost or missing and as expected the police began a search in the childs neighborhood. Because it was the middle of the work day and many people were not home, one police officer decided to go searching on peoples property without the owners permission or a search warrant.

On one property the officer was confronted with a dog that did not know why an intruder was sneaking around in the yard under his watch. Although the police officer was never bitten by the dog, the dog was shot and killed right there in its yard. The dogs owner was called at work by the animal control officer and immediatly left work and rushed home. When he arrived and asked about the incident, he was informed the officer who shot his dog was not availiable and the officers on scene when he arrived gave him little to no information on why his dog had to be killed.

The dogs owner filmed the police on scene ignoring his questions and his neighbors were so upset they set up a rally outside the police station demanding answers. The police chief interviewed on the local news channel stated, “I have not seen this many people upset even when a human is shot.”

This story made me want to give all of you the following advice that will help prevent your dog from being a victim when it is trying to be a protector. It may seem like a simple solution and that is the beauty of it, simple and effective what could be better.

* Go purchase several BEWARE OF DOG signs and post them all around perimeter and on your property. Make sure that no matter how a person enters your land, they see one of these signs.

* Make sure that the sign you purchase has a picture of a dog baring its teeth. This is very important when a person who cannot read the sign wants to sue you if they get bitten on your property. A court of law will accept that a picture of a growling dog can be understood by any adult, a fence line is sufficiant to keep out small children.

* Even the police will see the signs and not enter your property without a warrant. If they have to gain access they are to notify the dog officer to contain the dog legally. This is for the safety of the police and the dog.

Have you thought about posting signs on your property? Many people believe that admitting they have a dog that will bite is a liability, that is not true as i show in the article above. The more people that know there is a dog on the property, the less people will come on your property uninvited.

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