My Dog’s Badder Than Your Dog!

Written By: Jim russell - Jul• 05•14

When we talk about TACTICAL DOG TRAINING there is no better example than the MILITARY WORKING DOG. And when we talk about the MILITARY DOG, we must talk about the TACTICAL EXPLOSIVE DETECTION DOG or T.E.D.D for short.

What does it take to be a T.E.D.D dog handler? Well besides nerves of steel, you will have to complete 14 weeks of specialized military training before you can hope to work one of these remarkable animals. These dogs are trained to detect explosive substances in a combat environment. As a handler you must be professional as these dogs are not your pet, they are valuable military tools used to locate deadly explosives that could mean the difference between someones loved one coming home safe or in a body bag.

Many people believe these dogs are valuable soldiers or even hero’s, and if you ask any soldier today that has had to count on a dog team to keep them safe, i think they would all agree with that belief. These dogs search for explosives and lead troops of soldiers through hostile terrain safely. The dog is often utilized for vehicle searches at entry control points, looking for vehicles that may contain explosives and other dangerous items.

Being responsible for a military working dog is a 24 hour job for a handler, and you are presented with a unique set of challenges every day. Working a dog on the job requires you to think differently, you have to think like a soldier and as a dog handler. Your mind is working overtime when you have a group of soldiers counting on your dog handling skills to get them through hostile territory.

I have seen a handler turn into a military celebrity because of their dog. Even if someone dislikes you personally, everybody loves the dog and you can get the overspray of that love. You feel the energy from fellow soldiers when you and your K9 show up to work with their unit. The dog is treated like a celebrity and you are its manager. It is not impossible for you to become the military version of a rockstar when you show up on the scene.

If i make it sound like a glamorous occupation then i must tell you it is anything but that. Military handlers must have high health and grooming standards with their dog. Every day the dog undergoes specialized health checks and head to toe grooming, which is performed by the handler. Constant training is required to keep the dog combat ready as you need to keep this unique military weapon at 100% efficiency at all times. You never know when or where your dog team will be deployed to work.

I learned a long time ago that all great handlers in the military are the ones who train every day, no exceptions, none, period. Take this one statement from Tactical Dog Trainer Jim Russell, “You only get out of a dog the training you put into it, when your ass is on the line you want only the best at your side, and the MILITARY WORKING DOG is the best.

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