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I have such great memories of all the military dog handlers i had the honor to work with over the years and as i talk to many in the Military Dog Training industry, i find many talented female handlers are not given the notice that is due them.

Maybe the female handler population is not as vast as the male handlers, or maybe men tend to brag more about our exploits in the field. I have worked beside dozens of amazing women who have performed their assignments with total professionalism, and they have shown me how to really work a dog with a positive mentality.

This is an article saluting these women who have chosen to serve their country by joining one of the most unique military careers available.

Have a drink in honor of all the girls in the military and give a special toast to the ones who chose to protect your freedom as part of a dog team.

Beauty in dog training

Beauty in dog training

My many years in dog training has allowed me the opportunity to meet and work with a virtual who’s who list of Tactical Dog Training professionals, and many of the names on that list are female handlers, trainers and agents.


tactical dog training 12

I am talking about women from all over the world as many countries have female handlers assigned to there police and military units.


tactical dog training 13

These photo’s are a collection of powerful women who have the skill and ability to work a highly trained dog under a variety of conditions and situations.

tactical dog training 11

There is a strong passion in their hearts for their animals and it shows when you see how efficiently they work together in the field.

tactical dog training 3

In the United States there are several branches of service that allow soldiers to attend dog school and begin there career as a Military Dog Handler.

tactical dog training 5

Hot and lethal is how i use to describe them when we went out together on assignments. As you can tell by the pictures, i was not exaggerating when i made that statement.

tactical dog training 7

Keep these amazing ladies in your prayers and when you talk about Tactical Dog Training don’t forget to mention that the females can do it just as good as the boys can.

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  1. Mr Dininno says:

    Nice article. I work with several female officers, one of which is a k-9 handler. When i get to see her work it is truly a thing of beauty. I think women handlers may have a closer bond with their dogs then the male handlers. What are your thoughts on that?

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