Dog Training on a Budget : 10 Tips for surviving the recession

Written By: Jim russell - Jan• 17•15

Want to have a TACTICAL DOG and think it may be impossible on your current budget?

Let TACTICAL DOG TRAINING expose a little secret that will get you on the path to superior dog training.

These 10 tips will open your mind and allow you to see that you can train your own dog the TACTICAL way and do so on your current budget.

1) -  It may sound like a huge expense when you hear the title TACTICAL DOG, and i will tell you right now that it can be done with very little outlay of money on your part.

It is fun to have all the latest gear and training aids in your training bag and i want you to have them, the reality is you can train without all these bells and whistles.

Your biggest contribution will be your time and not your money.

Motivation to commit your free time to your dog and the willingness to train your dog as i teach here on my TACTICAL DOG  TRAINING site is the biggest barrier you will face.

So the number one question is, are you motivated in some way to train a dog?

2) -  As far as training gear is concerned, you can start with a choke chain and a strong leash.

I want you to train the way i did in the MILITARY DOG TRAINING PROGRAM, and that way requires you to use a CHOKE CHAIN as your dogs TRAINING COLLAR.

These collars are sold at every store that has a pet section and the price for this type of collar is very low. You must get a CHOKE CHAIN that fits your dog based on the dogs neck size and going to a pet store and asking the store clerk for help would be wise.

3) -  Get the best leash you can afford and make sure it is strong enough to hold back your dog without breaking when he is pulling on the end of it with all his might.

A leash is your most valuable tool and i recommend that you put your money on the best leash you can find.

One little secret is to work the leash in your hand by feeling it all over, and hook it to a stationary object in the store so you can pull on it forcefully. This will give you a chance to test drive it and see if it is comfortable in your hand.

Put a lot of effort into getting a leash you really like because you are going to spend a great deal of time holding it.

4) -  You want a proper dog that is bred to be a POLICE DOG or PROTECTION DOG and there are many breeds that are perfect for this. I have a list of these dog breeds on my site and you can use this list when looking for your own dog to train.

A little secret that not many trainers want to admit is almost any medium size or large dog that is currently sitting in your local DOG SHELTER right now can be trained to become a TACTICAL DOG.

I have personally trained dozens of mutts and mixed breeds for the military and they all were able to be trained to MILITARY DOG STANDARDS.

I will agree that a dogs history and its current personality are factors in how the dog needs to be trained, but you probably don’t need a fully trained MILITARY DOG. You need a TACTICAL DOG that will work your home and property and be a companion in the process.

You will work with the dog you have and you will train it to the top level of its capability.

5) – You need a training program to follow and you need to look no further than this very TACTICAL DOG TRAINING online magazine.

Here you will find training plans and techniques that will set you on the path to DOG TRAINING superiority.

Start by following my Military Dog Training Info and you will be miles ahead of everybody else training from the latest popular book, and my information did not cost you one red cent. Beat that!

6) -  I am also making available to you a host of training manuals and publications that may be purchased for your personal use.

These items will be offered under the products section and will be material personally created by me or items used exclusively at my tactical dog training facility.

I will offer all these items at a discount to those of you who visit this blog, and although i give plenty of free info away right here, i have powerful stuff i can make available to those readers who appreciate what i give away for free and want to support me to keep creating articles for this blog.

7) – You need a place to train and even if you live in an environment with little free space i want you to remember that the world is your training ground.

Everything you need to train your dog is right there where you live, that is the terrain you will be working your dog in, so it makes sense to train for that type of environment.

You can create a k9 obstacle course from junk laying around your neighborhood, or take a walk in the forest and jump and climb over and under fallen trees and branches.

I use a local junk yard and have my dogs climb over and into junk cars to do search and tracking drills.

Every large rock, cornfield, hilly area, or high grass field is your training place, use your imagination and think tactical.

8) – Time is your most important commodity and finding time to train a dog is often difficult, if not impossible for a person with a busy lifestyle.

I have solved that problem for you in that area, and all you need to do is read my article “The Easiest Dog Training Tip In The World”. 

This article is available right now on this very blog and all you need to do is look back to March 2014 and give it a read.

Remember that any time you are playing with your dog is a great time to throw in some training.

Your dog is happy to spend any time with you and will think training is playtime if you make it stress free for him.

Stress free means little negative reinforcement and excessive praise and petting.

9) – Special high priced dog food, forget that and buy a big bag at the discount store.

I know i will get many angry responses to that statement and let me say that controlling the dogs food intake and all the exercise you will give the dog when training is all you need at the start.

Once your rich you can start buying the expensive stuff.

10) – Finally let me express to you that every dog can be trained, you just have to find the right approach that the dog understands.

You do not need a bunch of gear to start, you don’t even need a dog to learn the techniques, and you can really get away discount store purchases if that is all you can do.

You need no more money then you would require to just own a dog anyway.

The Tactical part comes from the training techniques you use and the mindset of  having a dog that will work for you and your family when called upon to do so.

You have my personal guarantee that i will continue to offer the best training on the web as long as i am able to do so.


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