JUST DANCE – A Dog Training Tip That’s Fun and Functional.

Written By: Jim russell - Jan• 24•15

One of the easy DOG TRAINING TIPS that Dog Trainer Jaylynn Copley likes to start her new students with is a basic DOG TRAINING TACTIC that will stop the DOG from pulling you around on the leash.

Jaylynn is my go to trainer when teaching my students the POSITIVE DOG TRAINING approach.

Here she will give you her #1 training tip for free, and it is not often i can get a pro trainer to give away their best training tactics, so write this one down and use it.

Every day as i drive around town i witness half a dozen dog owners being pulled down the street by their dogs, and these owners are constantly yanking their loving pets back on the leash at great strains and effort.

No dog should be at the end of the leash unless it is working for you in some fashion. Tracking, Scouting, Searching or Protecting. These are reasons a dog would be allowed by its handler to pull at end of leash. Not taking a relaxing walk for exercise.

Every untrained dog pulls their owner around by their leash and ignores their masters plea to stop this behavior.

The result is always the frustrated owner yanking the dog back constantly, becoming angry, and looking at walking the dog as a pain in the ass type of  chore.

You do not want to contribute to this behavior by allowing the animal to pull you around for weeks or months before you do something to change its behavior.

Here is what i would like you to do:

We are going to use the dogs ORIENTATION REFLEX to change his mind about pulling on the leash.

I don’t want to confuse you with a bunch of fancy dog training jargon, so it is really as simple as when the dog is about to pull ahead of you on the leash, you are going to simply turn your body and start walking in the opposite direction.

A key point is that you are also going to give the leash a quick pull or jerk to alert the dog to something happening.

This simple training technique creates a surprise or tiny shock to the dogs current focus.

It turns the dog around to join you based on the dogs instinct to be close to its owner or at least out of curiosity to see where you are taking it.

I would recommend saying the dogs name and a short command, ” Fido! Heel! ” replacing the word ”Fido” with your dogs name.

This is very simple and the dog will not even know you are training it.

When a dog gets a new owner it will try to be the leader of the pack. This is simply the law of nature at work and not an attitude by the dog trying to tick you off.

Don’t get angry at the dog trying to be in charge, you just take the ALPHA DOG position and let it know that you are the one who makes the decision where you both go.

Every time your dog tries to be the leader by pulling you in one direction, you turn the momentum in the opposite direction and make the dog follow you.

Simple and fun if you need the exercise or like to dance.

Here it is again in a quick review:

+ Your dog Fido is at end of leash and you are being pulled in a direction you do not want to go.

+ You quickly turn and start walking in the opposite direction.

+ You give a quick strong jerk on the leash as you turn and loudly say the dogs name and the HEEL command.

+ You do this as many times as it takes for the dog to get the idea that taking a walk is so much easier when the dog follows you and not pulling ahead.

+ You can do this in a constant barrage of training where you turn and dog comes with you and he again takes the lead pulling stance and you turn and he takes the pulling lead and you turn, over and over.

This is the preferred method as apposed to letting the dog pull you around for a while between each turn and you leading him.

You of course must decide what you are capable of doing, although the constant turn and turn and turn till the dog gets it method, is the quickest way to go.

Try to do it that way if you can.

If you are familiar with a PRONG COLLAR, you can utilize it to get better results with a stubborn dog or one that was badly trained by someone who allowed it to pull on the leash for years.

I do not want you to start with this type of collar though, as a regular choke chain should be all you need as a training tool. I will cover the PRONG COLLAR in a later post as it is a valuable tool dispite what the new age trainers would have you believe.

I believe every tool available to you should be presented and you make the decision as to what you want to utilize. Freedom of choice is every persons  right.

If you can, go to your local pet store and examine the PRONG COLLARS available to you. If you think it might be something you want in your training toolbox then pick one up in the size of the dog you want to train.

It might be a good idea to get one soon before some dog protection society decides to pull them from the shelves for being a cruel torture device. Just saying!

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