What Walt Disney Can Teach You About Dog Training?

Written By: Jim russell - Mar• 30•15

Welcome to the big wide world of Dog Training! You have seen all the sites that offer their idea on how you should be training your dog. I like to give the readers of TACTICAL DOG MAGAZINE freedom of choice in what training techniques they want to work with, and enlighten our readers in unique ways to train themselves as well as train there dog.

This article is about focus and it is not what you think. I have spoke on having your dog focus on you during training, but this is about your focus on the dog.

I drive around town and see people walking there dog and also see the dogs being yanked by there leash out of bad situations they should not have gotten into in the first place.

Most of the problems encountered are handler error. The person walking the dog is looking at there phone screen or talking to someone walking with them and not looking at there dog. They are having a great time and then suddenly the dog is in a neighbors yard squatting to leave a package or the dog goes left around a light pole and you go right and get tangled up in the leash stopping you in your tracks. I swear that i have seen both these things happen just today and on the same street from two different people who were about a block away from each other. It inspired me to come home and write this article.

One of my favorite people here at the training facility is a young lady named Jaylinn Copley and she is my go to person when i take on too many tasks and need to hand them off to a competent trainer. She is the one who brought this training technique to our program.

Jaylinn explains it like this, ” You are walking with your dog and you are narrating everything your dog is doing, like a movie you have your mental camera focused on the dog and you are telling your audience what the dog may be thinking as he moves along”.

It is a simple concept and the only thing that will stand in your way of performing this technique is your failure to live in the moment. People constantly live in the past or future by thinking about what happened last week or what might happen next month, and this daydreaming keeps your head out of the here and now.

The trick is to focus on your dog and begin silently narrating what you are observing the dog do.

This will allow you to see the cause of any bad behavior or unwanted behaviors and in the future you can redirect the animal before it can even think about doing that behavior again.

This is a mental exercise used in a russian system i was familiar with many years ago.

It seems like a joke until you see the results it gives you in reading your dog.

I will lay it out for you again and all you have to do is grab your dog and do the following:

Take the dog for a walk and watch his every move.

Pretend in your mind that you are the dog and speak to yourself every action you see the dog do.

It will be like a nature show or a live action disney movie where a narrator tells you what the subject animal is doing and what the animal may be thinking.

By narrating to yourself the actions of your dog, you will get a better understanding of what it is doing and your insight into the dogs behavior will become much more focused.

This is the theory anyway and it has helped many in my training groups to gain a better understanding of dog behavior.

Try it or not, this is another tool you should keep in your training file.

I love giving these out of the box type training tips as they allow you to have more fun in your training and allow you to experience techniques used by dog trainers in other cultures and countries.


Now that is what TACTICAL DOG MAGAZINE is all about.


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