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It’s a Tactical Dogs World

A major part of Tactical Dog¬†Training is to look at your training from the dogs point of view. When you think of dog training you must take every advantage you can that will put you one step ahead of everyone else. While the neighbors are using standard dog training techniques, you will be using Tactical […]

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My Dog Chases My Goat

Your dog chases your cat, or a squirrel, or other dog’s. I see this every day and usually the dog’s owner is looking for a solution to this behavior. Well, let’s take a quick look at what is taking place and what the dog owner can do about it.

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Someone left a dog out in the rain.

¬† Oh Crap! It’s raining out and i have to cancel today’s training session with my dog. Wait a second, i remember Jim Russell teaching something called Extreme Obedience on his Tactical Dog Training site. Listen kids, rain is just another training tool you can use when working with your dog.

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