Jim Russell

Written By: Jim russell

Big Jim Russell is a former USAF Military Working Dog Handler. Jim’s first assignment was at Clark Air Base in the Philippines which housed 120 active duty police dogs. Jim became assistant trainer after his first year there and decoyed for roughly 30 dogs on a nightly basis. Jim and a fellow handler opened an off base kennel where they trained and sold K9′s to military members who chose to live off base. The kennel was closed when Jim received orders back stateside to work as a mobile k9 unit at Ellsworth AFB South Dakota. Along the way Jim worked several k9 assignments and eventually set out on his own training dogs for private accounts. After a 12 year run with an Industrial security company Jim began doing basic dog training for personal friends and for friends of friends. His blog was created so people around the world can train their own dogs for their own personal needs. But please use this information at your own risk. Not everyone should have a dog or even be around them. If you are not 100% confident around animals then go ahead and hang around this site but do not try and train any dogs on your own. Thank you.

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