Failure is always an option.

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 27•14

Failure is a fact of life and when applied to everyday dog training, Military dog training, Police dog training, and even the training of hunting dogs, it is always going to be present and it is up to you to keep it out of your training session. Here is the solution (more…)

Military Working Dog Graveyard in the Phillipines

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 14•14


Clark Air Force Base Phillipines

Clark Air Force Base Phillipines

I came across this recently and thought i should include it here. With all the talk of honoring the canine soldiers of the U. S. Military, it is a shame this graveyard for MILITARY WORKING DOGS got neglected. I only wish i could go there to clean it up myself, but alas it is not currently possible.

I am also aware that (more…)

Train Your Dog Or It Will Train You.

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 11•14

The clock is ticking and your in a race with your dog. It’s not a race to see who is faster, but a race to see who is in control. You and your dog are both positioning yourselves as the superior leader of the household. Your dog wants to train you more than you want to train it, and i promise you that (more…)

Military Dog Knowhow

Written By: Jim russell - Jun• 06•14


Every dog can be a top dog. Tactical Dog

Every dog can be a top dog. Tactical Dog

MILITARY DOG TRAINING is all about preparing ordinary canines for the unpredictable environment of worldwide policing. It is the feedback recieved from Military Working Dog Handlers in the field that allow the K9 Basic Training Program to adapt, and create training scenarios that prepare a new dog team for current active duty working conditions.

It is this chain of communication that keeps the MILITARY WORKING DOG PROGRAM successful and makes (more…)

Sit You Mangy Mutt / M-6

Written By: Jim russell - May• 24•14

Welcome to the Tactical Dog Obedience part of our training. I will be giving you the Military version of training your dog in basic obedience and we will cover only the commands that i feel are essential to you properly utilizing your dog. We will be using the tactical mindset when training and this means (more…)

How Tactical Dog Training Changed My Life!

Written By: Jim russell - Apr• 15•14

Here is a story that i hope will inspire you and give you something to think about. When i get asked to explain the concept of TACTICAL DOG TRAINING for everyday people, this is the perfect example i use.

A young women named Shelly who was fast becomming an avid jogger at her local park, was jogging one evening after work and was approached by a man who ran out of a wooded area and tried to pull her into the bushes. (more…)

The Command Decision Of Dog Training

Written By: Jim russell - Apr• 06•14

Dog training has a few basic rules that must be put into effect for any DOG TRAINING SYSTEM to work. You must be able to communicate with your dog in some way in order for the dog to perform the action you want it to do. This simple rule is the foundation of every dog training system on earth.

In creating my system i dissected all the other dog training systems available and developed the formula that became (more…)

The Easiest Dog Training Tip In The World.

Written By: Jim russell - Mar• 15•14

black-retriever-dog-7-1424788-mI run across many people who just do not have the time or energy to train their dog. And forget about hiring a trainer when money is tight and dogfood cost you a fortune. I have even offered my readers options so they can get some training even when a dog is not available to them (See my post “The Military Working Bucket”).

So what is this DOG TRAINING tip so simple that anyone can do it instantly with almost no effort? Well here it is, (more…)

So you want to join the Military?

Written By: Jim russell - Feb• 23•14

I have spoke with several young people over the years and many have had a huge interest in dog training. Many of these dog lovers ask me how i got my start and also have a high interest in a career in dog training. I personally think there is no better way to have a lifelong career in a dog handling job than joining the United States Military and becoming a Military Working Dog Handler.

Personally, my life might have taken a totally different path and i might not be as happy as i am today had i not (more…)

Russell’s rules of dog training

Written By: Jim russell - Feb• 18•14

There are a few important rules you should adhere to in training any dog.  I make all my new students aware that following these simple techniques will increase their trainings effectiveness.

* Be consistent. When training the dog you must not allow it to get away with any bad behavior once you have given a correction for it. No means no.

* Always be sure you (more…)